The Olde Windmill Trail Farm Animal Sanctuary

If you are drawn to this website, you must be an animal lover as I am, and perhaps you will help to create a change…a more peaceful way of life for our animal friends who dwell on this planet along with us.

The Olde Windmill Trail Farm Animal Sanctuary exists for the prevention of cruelty to farm animals. It is extremely remote, situated on 42 acres in the high desert of New Mexico in a valley within the Cerrillos Hills…a very good place to dispense with unwanted animals…and they do find us. The population has tripled within the last year to the number of 17 horses, 1 donkey, and 13 cows. We need your assistance to provide food, shelter, and veterinary care for all who have been neglected, released from their owners, and suffered abuse. Please explore this website and view the faces of the animals residing here, listen to some of their stories, and give them your support.

Animals residing within this Sanctuary will not be killed, sold, or adopted out from this their home, and will reside at this non-profit 501 (c) (3) facility for their entire lives. None are confined to corrals, with the exception of a 40 year old horse, and are free to be that which they were created to be… living out their life in what must be the best environment they have ever experienced…and they so deserve it.

Thank you for your interest in this endeavor, for without the support of people like you none of this would be possible.

In addition to donations you can support the sanctuary by visiting my art site and purchasing my paintings and photographs.

Karin Brandi

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