Donations and Funding

All donations are tax deductible. They are spent directly on the Animals. The director is not paid.

You can make a tax deductable donation by clicking the button to the right.  This is a PayPal page but you do not have to have or create a PayPal account to use it.

In addition to donations you can also support the sanctuary by visiting my art site and purchasing the paintings and photographs inspired by it.

The horses and cattle residing at this sanctuary are not living within stalls or pens. They are free to roam, play, interact with each other, and form their own family units at will…in other words as close to a natural environment as possible. The animals receive individualized attention from two caretakers only as each one is precious.  They are myself Karin Brandi and Andrew Brandi.  We provide love, food, shelter, and veterinary care to all of them. Fencing and shelter from predators and weather are ongoing projects with us.  Feed for our large animals is very expensive, especially through the fall and winter months.  Financial assistance with any of the items listed above would be greatly appreciated.

If you would like to "Adopt" and animal for a year, you will receive an 8 x 10" matted photograph of the animal you have chosen and much gratitude from the animals. The cost is as follows. 

Horses - $800.00 per year- $400.00 for 6 months
Snowy - $1500.00 per year - $750.00 for 6 months (Snowy at the age of forty, has special needs in that he must eat mainly "Senior Equine" food to maintain his weight).
Cows - $700.00 per year -$350.00 for 6 months Donkey - $400.00 per year -$200.00 for 6 months

Donations of any amount would be greatly appreciated. For example a bale of hay is at the moment cost us $9.00.

The horses (hover over names to see pictures)
Name Description Age Name Description Age
Stallone blue corn appaloosa gelding  12 Luna tan and black mare 10
Macho white gelding 16 Blossom brown, black and white small mare 10
Ci-Ci grey appaloosa mare 20's Rowdy roan gelding 10
Star brown, black and white mare 20's Snowy white gelding 40
Co-Co brown wild mustang mare 20's Lily black and white Morgan mare 3
Maya red/brown and black mare 6 Ellie pinto mare 8
Miss Stella brown and white donkey 10 Ariana roan mare 2
Lance black gelding 5 Spirit roan gelding, thoroughbred 5
Tessie golden mare  8      

The cows (hover over names to see pictures)
Name Description Age Name Description Age
Sarafina brown and white female 3 Tiffany brown and white female 5
Michael red/brown with white spot steer 3 Miguellie brown and white female 7
Scarlet red female 13 Joshua brown and white steer 4
Ariel red./brown and white female 5 Rosie red/brown and white female 8
Stephanie brown and white female 5 Uriel brown and white steer 5
Rafina brown, black and white female 7 Paint red/brown with white spots steer 6
Cory brown, black and white steer 4