Sanctuary Cows

The cows give much more to us than we give to them.  As peaceful and loving animals, they radiate peace outwardly……and it is felt by all who enter into their presence.  They also form very strong family ties, much as human beings do.  A Mother cow will protect and love her calf and continue grooming that calf for years, even though it may be much, much larger than she is.  They also mourn over the grave of one who has passed away, for weeks at a time.  All have a unique personality and respond to their names when called.

Before our sanctuary began, we rescued 5 cows from a rancher who was free-ranging them near our house.  They had faced many difficulties over the winter months……mainly finding enough food to eat, shelter from the harsh winds and snow, and surviving the many wild dogs in the area. Some of them had pieces of their ears missing due to attacks from the wild dogs. We fed them, gave them a home, and purchased them from the rancher to save their lives. Several years later, a mother and calf came to us and were rescued in the same fashion. Due to free-ranging bulls who impregnated the females, our family of cows grew.  At this time there are 13 cows, and no bulls have been spotted in the area for several years.

Each cow is precious to us.  And Andy and I are very blessed to have been given the privilege of being their caretakers.

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