Sanctuary Horses

At this moment 17 Horses and 1 Donkey live at this sanctuary, their home. All are respected, loved, fed, and cared for. I admire the magnificent equine spirit, and their ability to always be "pushing the envelope", their loyalty towards one another, and their ability to withstand great hardship, yet still maintain a loving demeanor.

The horses who came to us 8 years ago Snow, Star, Co-Co, and Ci-C, had been released by their owner because they no longer could be ridden, due to injuries or old age. They were seldom seen by people in the valley and were thought to be wild as they searched for graze through the winter, and water through the summer. Snowy was so sick and thin he could barely walk. Months later, Stallone, a "blue corn" appaloosa gelding escaped from his owner and was purchased by us, when it was made known the extreme cruelty he had experienced while being "broken", tied to a stake for 3 days without food or water. Some horses simply are not meant to be ridden. Over the years Stallone has become quite the comedian and his favorite prank is turning on all the outside water faucets. A year later another unwanted horse Comanche, was adopted by us, which completed our family of horses for 7 years…until November 2009.

In November of 2009, one by one, horses began to come to us…their owners unable to afford to feed them. First was Cheyenne who became the guardian of the older horses, protecting them from rambunctious and younger ones. Then Maya, Luna, Rowdy, Tessie, Ellie, her daughter Ariana, Miss Stella, and Lance arrived. The early spring of 2010 brought Velvet, Lily, and Blossom to us…and in October 2009, Spirit arrived at my front door. Who knows how long they had been in search of food until they found the sanctuary? Many were starving, their eyes filled with great fear until they realized they were Home. (Velvet was recently picked up by her owner).

None of our horses stand in corrals with the exception of Snowy, our 40 year old gelding. They are free to be what they were created to be and are living out their life in what must be the best environment they have ever experienced.

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